Some days, it's just not worth going out.

Today is one of those days. Raining, foggy, 35F, slush everywhere. Even my dogs know better. When I asked, "Wanna go for a run?" they both gave me a baleful look from their comfy positions on my bed. They know better. The rain would soak their thick, winter coats, taking hours if not days to fully dry; their bellies would become caked with slush and mud kicked up from their feet. All that would get them is a loathsome toweling off at the end of the (most likely short) run, and all it would get me is pitiful and reproachful looks from them.

Besides: even though their way-too-close encounters with skunks happened back in September and early October (another story for another day), I can still smell that foul odor when their coats get wet.

Not worth it.

Today's lesson, courtesy of the girls: Tomorrow will be a better day for a run.