What a Difference a Day Makes

Two days ago we were too hot - afternoon temperatures were in the upper 70s and the girls stayed inside, seeking relief and cool floors for napping.

Last night a front moved through: wind, rain, lightning and thunder, hail. When I awoke this morning, it was snowing, with about two inches already resting on the grass, plants and fence posts. I hadn't planned on running today, but how could we not? How could we let this late-season gift of fresh snow go to waste?

I drove a couple of miles up into the forest. I wanted to visit the place I named Sound of Music Hill - to see if I could get photos of the wildflowers that have been abundant there, now covered in snow. I did see one bluebell daring to peek through the blanket of white, searching for light, but mostly the flowers were completely covered. It was beautiful. As a reminder, I've included two photos of the same scene, the one above (the green one) taken earlier this month, the one below taken this morning.