Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Dog camp. This little hobby business of mine, started in 2001, brings me indescribable joy. I get to play with 30-plus dogs throughout the weekend, meet and befriend their people, provide them with gifts and prizes for silly games and contests, and do it again and again over the years. What could be better? These people are now like family to me. Better than family, because - like me - they're all dog nuts.

The photos - generously provided by camp photographer Nichole Smith of Dane & Dane: Seattle Pet Photography - illustrate the gorgeous setting we have at Camp Colman, on the Key Peninsula of Puget Sound, and what fun the dogs have. The people have a blast, too, but I don't have signed releases from them, so only the dogs are shown here! Nichole took well over 1000 photos over the two June weekends - you can find them on her web site. Thanks, Nichole, for preserving our memories.