Hot Dogs

Thursday August 9: we awoke to skies a little less smoky, so I made the executive decision to run to Boulder and Rapid Lakes.

The girls said OK.

Boulder Lake is about 2.5 miles by trail above Boulder Reservoir. The name comes from all the huge granite boulders one must scramble over to get to the lake. It's steep in places. It's fun. Beyond Boulder Lake, another two miles by trail, is Rapid Lake. That was our destination. Built-in water stops every couple of miles. Perfect.

These lakes sit between two of the largest wild fires in this area. These trails are among the few left open because of fires. I figured we should go while we can.

I don't believe I'm the only one referring to the dry conditions here this summer as a draught. It has been over a month since any true rain fell, and that was just one brief storm that passed through in early July.

The trail was dusty, the grasses are brown, the wildflowers dead. The smoke leaves a haze in the sky, toning down all the colors. It saddens me.

The girls appreciated having several opportunities to wade and cool off. We love alpine lakes. The photos illustrate, though, how low the lake levels are.