The Subconcious

Maybe, like me, you've wondered if your dog would protect you should you be attacked, or work to save you if you fall injured in some remote area.

I'm lucky. I've never had to find out.

My subconscious, though, seems to believe that I'll be protected in my home.

One of my dreams last night was a typical mixture of pieces of things that actually happened in previous days and pure oddball fantasy. I dreamed that I awoke to discover that my house had been broken into. My laptop and - of all things - big while sectional couch had been stolen. I had been left undisturbed, sleeping through the dream-incident. When I awoke (still dreaming) It was clear to me that my safety was the result of Meadow sleeping beside my bed, as she often does.

What burglar would mess with a Malamute? Especially one drooling, sleeping with her tongue sticking out ever-so-delicately, with a haircut that makes her look like a lion?

Because the girls are Malamutes - all visual intimidation and deterrence, without the need to bark or chase - in this dream I slept through the commotion of someone stealing my couch!

Silly, true. But as with all dreams, kernels of truth emerge. Yes, I need to back up my computer files. And yes, some days I wish someone would steal that behemoth of a white couch that I have to work so hard to keep clean. (What was I thinking in 1990 when I bought that thing?)

Most importantly, I'm well protected by my silent but loyal and protective Malamutes. I'm often surprised how safe I feel, living here, alone, in a rural area. A large part of that sense of well being and safety is because of the girls. I've always been aware how much confidence they give me out in the forest, but hadn't realized that they're a large part of my ability to live alone without fear.

I've got their backs, and they've got mine.

We're a team. Goofy looking hair cuts and all.

I do wonder, though; is their "intimidation factor" the reason I have so much trouble getting a date?