The Bootie

Now Maia wears the bootie.

I used to have two booties. Meadow lost both, back when she was recovering from a pad tear. I found one, several days after she threw it. Some critter had peed on it, or sprayed it - it smelled horrible. Skunk-like. Given my history with skunks and the girls, it wouldn't surprise me.

I never thought I'd actually use the booties with them. I carried them for emergencies for a couple of years, then didn't bother because neither girl ever had any foot problems. At least not before moving here. Now I guess I'll buy some new ones - that don't smell - to carry in my fanny pack when we run.

Friends loaned me some homemade booties (they're former mushers), but they were too small. So I washed the stinky bootie as best I could, and put it on Maia's right foot.

She wasn't happy at first - she tried to not put weight on that foot, then only gingerly. She moved like a Tennessee Walker, bringing that booted foot up real high with every step, but only on the one side. I asked her to wear it in the house for several hours, to adjust.

Then yesterday and today we went for brief walks - a mile or so - while she wore the bootie. It stayed on. She seemed to ignore it, acting normally for such a walk. We went to Sound of Music Hill. The hillside is brown and dead; the air is full of smoke.

I just wish Maia could run. I miss running with her.

A few more days. I can be patient. The payoff is worth it.