Contrast in Seasons

This morning I took the girls for a hike on a trail we travel often - Goose Creek Falls. I took the first two photos today. This may be the last time this year we (read: I) can access this area this year; much more snow and I won't be able to find the trail.

In the first photo, look behind Maia to the falls and notice all the ice and snow on the boulders. It was very cold this morning! The second photo shows the girls on the snow-covered bridge across the creek. The lower photo is the girls at the same bridge, falls in the background, in July. Very different!

I love that the seasons here are so dramatically distinct. The girls, I bet, would prefer we just have winter, year 'round.

PS In case you're wondering about the green engineering tape around Maia's neck in the upper photo: I've added that to their collars for extra "I'm not a wolf!" protection, since often their vests don't show if you're looking at them straight on. I'm thinking of buying them kid sized bright orange or yellow t-shirts to wear, rather than these vests, hoping that with something on their chests and upper forelegs, they'll be more visibly pet dogs from all angles.