Malamute Sandwich

As the vertigo resolved and my trust in my balance returned, I started taking the girls out into the forest again. We all needed some exercise. The first outing, we went up to the ski resort to enjoy the mountain, the fall colors, and find some snow.

We hiked going up - I still felt a little lightheaded when the exertion level was high. On the way back down, I jogged. It felt good to move like that again. To not fall down.

I noticed, though, that the girls were still sticking pretty close to me. They formed a Malamute Sandwich - Maia leading, me, then Meadow. In a particularly steep section of trail that required that I scramble down and around a large boulder, bracing with my hands, I tried to get Meadow to go ahead of me, but she refused, insisting on staying right behind me. I finally realized that she was protecting me, yet again.

What amazing dogs. I tell them that, all the time.

The photos accompanying this entry show how we were able to find a bit of snow up high, while enjoying the fall colors - mostly the yellow needles of the tamaracks - down low.