Can I Come In?

I love snow.

It's what I love about living here (when there are so many other things I don't like about living here).

These past few days, we've seen LOTS of new snow. Yet, being a dry climate most of the time, inside the house my hair constantly flies with static electricity. So I rarely worry when the girls track in snow. I've got the perfect floors for dogs: textured and colored concrete with in-floor radiant heat. Any snow clumps ferried in on dog fur quickly melt and evaporate, increasing the interior humidity just a tad, which is good.

Still, I've done my best to teach the girls to SHAKE before coming in so that most of the snow gets left outside. Usually they comply. But sometimes - as in these photos - Meadow just looks as me, trying to figure out why I keep repeating that word and won't just let her in. And Maia, the only one who knows the command SPEAK, sometimes gets the two confused and gives me a half howl-half bark rather than a shake. Those are the times I use a towel to dust them off.