Dig Until You Find It

Dig Until You Find It is the name of a wonderful company that produces dog-themed bumper stickers, leads and collars, clothing, and perhaps most importantly, good energy and financial donations for the benefit of dogs everywhere.

I met Julie, the company's founder and creative guru, through a family member. We've never met in person, but we've developed a wonderful bond through email, phone conversations, and a mutual love of all things dog.

She and I both try to live by her company's tag line and theme: keep diggin' until you find whatever it is you want, need, deserve or hope to put out into the world.

Follow the link to her company's web site.

Dogs, of course, come by the dig until you find it mindset naturally.

These photos show Maia demonstrating her ability to dig and keep digging. This time, however, she didn't find it - whatever "it" was. But she had fun trying. Meadow supervised.