Power Napping

Meadow is fond of pillows.

She likes to curl up on my pillow when I'm not in bed. If I am, she'll curl up on the floor next to my bed, using my slippers and discarded clothing on the floor as a pillow.

She's done this from the time I brought her home at eight weeks.

As a puppy, she made pillows out of some amazing things: the brick fireplace hearth; the wire rack at the bottom of my portable Weber barbecue (as two of the photos attest).

She has tried to turn Maia into a pillow many times over the years, but Maia steadfastly refuses to be so used.

After we got a big dump of snow in late December, leaving about 18 inches of ever-consolidating pillow material in the yard, Meadow enhanced her sunbathing by making these pillows.

I've learned a lot about napping from watching the girls. I do my best to imitate the sleeping part of the lesson, but ignore Meadow's taste in pillows. I prefer foam, covered in a flannel pillowcase.