We've now had two-plus feet of snow on the ground for about three weeks. Deep enough that the girls have trouble navigating through it. They've now created three routes - each leading off from the main area where they snooze and guard - to their privy areas.

I'm sure Maia is being driven to distraction, having to plow chest deep through snow to find a secluded area to poop. She's the most fastidious of the pair. Clearly they both have decided it's easier to just use the same routes, even though it's getting harder to avoid previous deposits. I go out with the shovel on occasion and try to help them out by tossing the piles I find over the fence. But whenever there's even a dusting of fresh snow, such a chore becomes rather hazardous for me as it becomes impossible to see their deposits. Or avoid them.

One photo (with Meadow) snows one of their circles near where they spend most of their time snoozing. The other shows another stunnel (snow + tunnel) heading to the side of the yard; you can also see some of those icicles forming on the end of the roof that sometimes become great chew toys.

With so little sunshine lately (a bit uncharacteristic for this area; reminds me of Seattle), and flat light, it's hard to capture these routes in photos