Driveway Games

I've mentioned before how the driveway has become a place of joyful play. When we head out for a run or walk, the girls pull excitedly, eager to go, wrestling as best they can while connected to me and each other with the leash and coupler. I'm dragged along, saying things like, "Whoa, girls!" and "Slow down!"

They know I'm only half serious.

At the end of every run or walk, I release them from the leash at the bottom of the driveway. This always creates a moment of drama and excitement, anticipating the race to come. I release Maia first, who leaps a few feet ahead, then turns to taunt Meadow as I struggle with her clasp; I struggle because Meadow strains to start her dash for the house. She knows she must run the snowy gauntlet to get past Maia, and the sooner she starts, the better her chances. As soon as Meadow's free, both girls race up the driveway, full out galloping while also tring to chomp the other's neck, their tails twirling in circles to maintain their balance! It's usually a tie.

I never tire of watching.

They never tire of the race.

I can't capture the full thrill of it with my camera; they run too fast and my camera is too slow. Here, in photos taken this evening at the conclusion of our walk, at dusk, they're running back to me after racing up to the house. In the lower photo, you can just see Meadow's head as she waits for Maia to come close enough to ambush.