Big Birds

Yet another great morning in the forest with the girls today.

We were heading up the hill when I spied some big turkey foot prints in the fresh dusting of corn snow. Their tracks look like a series of big arrows drawn into the surface of the snow.

"Girls! Look! Turkey tracks!" I said as I started to reach for my camera in my fanny pack.

Just then, a flock of turkeys, flushed by my voice, flew across the road twenty feet ahead of us at eye level (well, my eye level)! There were six or seven, and they flew across the road one after the other. They dropped out over the downhill side of the road - we were on a big open hillside - over a big gully. I didn't see where they landed.

I was amazed that neither girl moved or tried to chase! I guess they were as surprised as I was. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to get a photo of them in flight.

But I did get this photo of their prints in the snow.