Dog Prints

Yesterday it was turkey prints in the snow.

Today - Malamute prints. In particular, Meadow prints.

We were walking through a new development a few miles from home, a place we go to walk or run fairly often. It was cold again this morning, about 12F. One portion of road hadn't been plowed recently; the fresh dusting of snow from last night made the perfect surface to preserve prints.

We noticed a few fox or coyote prints in this area. The girls sniffed long and deep, following them until they veered off the road and into the forest. I tried to find a spot where Meadow's enormous feet left prints next to the smaller coyote or fox prints, but generally the girls walk right over those other prints as they sniff and follow. Trust me: Meadow's prints dwarf those of the typical coyote and fox. They even dwarf Maia's, despite the fact that they weigh the same!

At one point on this three plus mile walk, I stopped to pee. The bottom two photos show how the girls guard me while I'm in this, ahem, compromising position. I feel so safe.