Second Day of Spring

Spring snow running. Does it get any better?

Two days ago we had an awesome seven mile run up into the forest. This morning we hiked up two miles, then ran down. We ran mostly because we weren't lucky enough to completely avoid snowmobiles, and Maia made it very clear she doesn't like the loud sound of revving and screaming engines.

I don't either.

Meadow, as usual, was quite casual about the whole thing.

I wish I had Meadow's laid back ability to glide through life without being bothered by anything.

I also wish we had more options in terms of plowed and maintained forest roads near the house, roads that aren't too heavily used by throttle-twisters. This wish has to do with that boredom thing I mentioned in today's earlier post.

Here are photos taken on this morning's hike/run. Just too gorgeous. The girls and the scenery. And no, the horizon didn't tilt while the upper photo was taken; I did.