Don't Hunt Me Vests

Bark Magazine's April 2008 issue showcases a new reflective safety vest for dogs, page 19 in the What's New section.

Finally! A well-designed dog vest!

I quickly ordered two. The girls are modeling them, in my front yard, in this photo. Today was their first time wearing them. The vests are awesome. I like the fact that, even looking at the girls straight on, the portion of vest across their chests is visible. Just scroll back a couple of blog entries to "Recovery" to see the difference, especially with Maia. In that entry's top photo, you can see how her vest doesn't show well from the front. Meadow's wasn't much better.

I call them Don't Hunt Me! vests, since my girls wear them to keep people with guns from mistaking them for wolves and shooting them.

Don't get me started on that whole lunacy.

These vests allow me to relax a tad bit more when we're out in the forests.

If you ever take your dog out on city streets at night, or into forests in states where hunting of anything is allowed (but especially wolves, and most especially if your dog looks even remotely like a wolf, coyote, or fox), I highly recommend the VizVest. It's well designed for good fit and durability, and of course, visibility. The velcro closures in two places allow for lots of flexibility in fit, which I really like.

I was mistakenly sent the wrong size - M. When I contacted the company about the error, they insisted I keep the mediums, and quickly sent me two more, size L. That speaks volumes about their integrity. I gave the mediums to a friend with Weimaraners; her fear is hunters mistaking them for deer.