Mud Season Begins

As the snow melts, the ground reappears.

As mud.

Where the sun hits, the ground dries quickly. As Meadow demonstrates so well in these photos, she can catch a quick nap without getting covered in mud. She does, however, attract twigs and even bits of gravel to her fur, often carrying them into the house.

The grass is just now showing as green buds breaking through the ground, stretching for the sun and the air, happy the snow has melted off.

When the ground is wet, however, the mud-that-sticks-to-everything appears. It's awful. I've grown accustomed to muddy paw prints on my interior concrete floors. The mud sticks in clumps on the girls' feet, between their pads, much like wet snow. I try to towel it off of them, but it's nearly impossible. They walk inside with it. As the mud between their toes dries, it falls onto the floors where it quickly dries, turning into dust.

Mud is the major reasons I've never acquired area rugs.

I've made planting grass in the lawn Priority Number One. I got a good start last year.

Mud is the enemy.

In the lower photo, note all the dog fur covering the bare ground. Most of that fuzz came off the girls during the winter months, then rode the ever-melting snow down to the ground from a high of four feet. Perhaps now the newly-arriving song birds will come collect it for their nests.

These photos were taken while snow was falling, even though there's mostly blue sky in the background. Yesterday was one of those never-a-dull-moment Spring weather days. Meadow hardly noticed. She was busy soaking up some Vitamin D.