The girls and I are babysitting Widgeon, the now one year old Spring/Lab mix who has stayed with us several times in the past. Widgeon's people, Mick & Anita, have stayed with the girls when I've had to be away. It's a nice arrangement.

All three girls get along well. Widgeon is submissive, respectful, and playful. Meadow growls at her in invitation to play; Maia growls at her to go away. Yet there are times when Widgeon's youthful enthusiasm carries the day, and both girls break down and play with her. This weekend, I'm asking Meadow to "go easy" because she recently tweaked her left knee, so she and Widgeon haven't been able to chase each other around the yard.

The series of photos was taken this afternoon in the now mostly dirt (mud) yard. I've been raking out rocks (after scooping tons of poop that the melted snow finally exposed) and throwing grass seed to augment what little grass survived last year and is just starting to make a reappearance. The girls were having way more fun than I was. It was 21F this morning, 60F this afternoon.