Close-ups for an artist

An artist friend is trying a new idea.

I think it's terrific.

In Victorian times, people would have a portrait made of their lover's eyes. They would carry in a locket. Presumably, only they could recognize whose eyes had been captured.

My friend is a dog nut, like me. She paints, often portraits of dogs, or deer, or landscapes.

She's now experimenting with portraits of the eyes of dogs. She said she did one on glass and it's gorgeous. I believe it.

My friend asked me to print photos showing the girls' eyes. I printed the photo of Maia posted with this blog on February 3, 2008. I took more close-up photos this evening, including the two posted here.

Maia hates cooperating when I try to take close-ups. She always turns away at the last minute. I was amazed I got one even this good. Meadow, on the other hand, usually sits still, although tonight there were deer in the field distracting her, so I had to hold a bone over my camera. It worked. I had her full attention.

When I get the results of my friend's artistic efforts, I'll take photos and display them here. I can hardly wait.