A Great Day - Part II

After our Mud Creek Hike, Kim wondered if I'd like to tag along to visit a local couple who raise Icelandic Horses.

Are you kidding me? Twist my arm! Of course!

Craig and Linda DeMoss live in the Meadows Valley. They graciously spent two hours with us, letting us meet their horses, sheep, dogs, llamas, cats; showing us the wool they get from the sheep and spin into yarn that Linda sells or uses to create clothing, rugs, purses, etc.

Both Kim and I wanted to stay forever. What a place. Five hundred acres, gorgeous views, remote and quiet, with amazing and - for our neck of the woods - unique animals.

These photos are of some of their remaining five Icelandic Horses (they've quit breeding and selling, for various practical reasons). They're absolutely gorgeous animals. Bigger than ponies (and without the 'tude many ponies possess), smaller than the average Western horse. Exquisite heads, compact and strong bodies, beautiful coats of varying colors with manes that come with multiple colors and natural highlights. They're friendly, mellow horses. These all wanted our attention. Good with dogs, cats, sheep, llamas, even people.

I want one. Oh, how I want one.

Need to win the lottery first.