Meadow's Glass Den

Dogs will find a place to sleep - a den -wherever they can. Each of my girls has two or three places in the house they prefer to sleep. Meadow in particular sleeps "cute" because almost always the tip of her tongue hangs out. She's a goof.
Meadow wasn't thrilled that I was stooping down to take these photos, as you can tell from the look on her face. She didn't move anything but her eyes, watching me, waiting until I'd take the camera away and leave her in peace.
Both girls use this curve in my big sectional couch, with the coffee table nearby, as a sleeping den. They like having something solid and protective against their backs, as well as the table providing a barrier in front. Meadow's head usually rests under the table. As in this photo, she often rests front and back paws against the table legs.

Doesn't look comfortable to me, but she likes it.

I purchased this couch in 1991. It's white. Cloth. I don't know what possessed me. Don't ever buy a white couch. Trust me on this. Mine is comfortable, and can double as a spare bed because it's so big, and so I keep it.

The girls leave dirt stains along the bottom front portion of the couch, where they walk or lean against it as they approach for a snooze. A real pain to clean. I got a big piece of GoreTex fabric, cut it in strips, and tuck in between the cushions so that it falls across the front of the couch to the floor - that's the dark blue you see behind Meadow's back. Saves me lots of effort keeping that damn couch clean!