More wildflowers

I find that I'm drawn, like a moth to flame, to Sound of Music Hill when the wildflowers are blooming. The girls and I went for another soul scrubbing visit there this evening. The sun was poking through the passing thunderheads, making for a dramatic sky. The forest was quiet and peaceful after a holiday weekend.
When we got to the hill, I noticed some newly blooming Indian Paintbrush. I started taking some close-ups. When I looked up, Maia was next to me, but no Meadow. Then I noticed her sitting in the flowers, about 50 feet up the hillside. Posing. I swear she was a fashion model in a former life. A blond one.

The girls waited impatiently as I looked at the flowers. It was in the mid-60s, which is quite warm for them.
As we turned to leave, I spotted the first lupine bloom on this hill. A gift of nature - all three of the showier flowers in one spot. Lupine. Sunflower. Indian Paintbrush. A wonderful parting shot.

As we strolled back toward home, I wondered if I had missed my true calling. Should I have been a wildlife - and wildflower - photographer? No. I had to admit that, like Maia, I can't sit still very long. I wouldn't have the patience to stay in one spot, waiting for the perfect light, or for wildlife to wander by unaware of my presence.

It's enough that I enjoy taking my very amateurish photos.