Wading Malamutes

Mud Creek is an area the girls and I use during very a brief window of time in the Spring. We wait for the snow to melt so we can access the logging roads, but before too long, it gets too hot, the streams run dry, and the cattle are grazing.

This morning we ran there, retracing the route we took with Kim and her dog Easy last weekend.

The three photos above were taken in an area where the road gently descends into a big open valley. The girls cooled off in the creek there, both directions. What I call Skunk Cabbage is just starting to come up here.

I've come to think of this area as "A River Runs Through It" because of the gentle burbling of the creek alongside the road, opening up into a gorgeous, green valley with big trees and vistas.

It was about 45F when we left the house, so by the time we were running, it was probably 50F. The girls were HOT! Meadow especially. We've been running in temperatures in the mid-20s to low-30s the past few weeks, so this heat wave is hard on all of us as we try to run. The bottom two photos were taken near the trail head. Maia especially was reluctant to leave the cool waters. Both girls love to wade up to their bellies when hot. When they come out, they have skinny bird legs!