Crazy weather - Part II

Crazy weather continues. This morning, 35F on our run. The girls love that part. What they don't love so much: wet snow falling, stirred by a stiff wind into a whirling dervish of flakes. Whiteout! Thirty minutes earlier, the girls had been basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

Meadow begs to come in out of the storm.

Flowers next to the house, a dancing blur from the wind, snow covering the ground around them.
Wet snowflakes blown against the window.
The storm passes, leaving the snow god's gift of white blanketing the ground.
The sun peeks through the parting storm clouds, adding more drama to the odd summer landscape.

It's June?

As a write this, an hour later, the sky is blue and the sun begins its descent behind the western mountains and clouds. It will be yet another spectacular sunset.