Yard Restored

The yard grass looked no different than the field grass - all of it over a foot high! I managed to break my lawnmower the first time I tried to start it over a week ago. When I asked my neighbor, Leonard, if he could help by brining his riding mower up, he said sure, but it was being repaired so he'd call as soon as he got it back. The grass continued to grow. A couple days ago, true to his word, Leonard called and offered to come mow my yard.

As I watched him slowly leave his house, driving up the road and my driveway on his John Deere, I was reminded of that movie several years ago about an old guy who traverses a state on his riding mower.

After Leonard made my yard look good again, he took a look at my lawn mower. Turns out it had thrown a bolt so the pull rope wouldn't pull. He returned to his house on his mower, found a similar bolt, walked back up with his wife, and fixed and started my mower while we all chatted. After they left for home, at dusk, I finished the small piece of yard that wasn't so overgrown to require his mowing it with the riding mower.

I was surprised how good it made me feel to have that jungle tamed.

The girls liked it, too. Their options for snoozing spots grew exponentially. Meadow - my Velcro girl - is now constantly bringing grass clippings into the house with her, however. Better than mud.