Golden Eagle Egg

During one of our regular evening walks in the forest, Maia briefly stopped to sniff something on the ground. It caught my eye. A large egg! As big as the largest chicken eggs you find in the grocery store. There was just a bit of yolk left on the inside, and the way it had been broken, it appears the baby bird had chipped its way out in the normal fashion.
The egg's outer surface has a beautiful brown speckling I've never seen before. Usually the only bird eggs I notice on the ground are the blue robin's egg.

I started an online search, as believe this to be a golden eagle egg. I occasionally see both bald and golden eagles here, and remember a few days earlier seeing a golden being dive-bombed by smaller birds as it flew over nearby fields.

As always, the girls allow me to see and find things I would otherwise pass by. Maia's got a great nose on her. She gave me the gift of this special egg.