Muck Queen

On a recent run with the girls (Finn stays home, unhappily), Meadow found the muckiest swampy bit of water under a foot bridge in which to cool her toes.

Somewhere I have a photo of her as a very young puppy, looking very similar - she had gotten belly deep into a decorative pond I had in my yard at that time, a pond that hadn't been cleaned in years. She was all muck, up to and including her belly. And proud of it! I hadn't even worried about the pond, because Maia had never gone in when she was a pup.

Update: the photo of Meadow as a young pup covered in pond scum (thanks, Mike)!

Clearly, Meadow enjoys a periodic mud bath-pedicure. Always has.

There were no deep creeks between this spot on the trail and the car. Along with clean Maia, Muddy dog Meadow was hauled home where I attempted to hose the muck off her legs, with little success. Sometimes, I've found, it's just easier to let it dry and fall off as dust and sand.

Thank god for concrete floors.