Sleep Positions Chapter 3

I've mentioned Finn's penchant for hoarding toys.

I'm discovering that, like Meadow, he enjoys sleeping with his belly exposed, in awkward positions - against walls, for example.

I awoke one night to this collection of dog fur next to my bed. Actually, when I first looked down at them, Finn was stretched out on his side, nose nearly up Meadow's butt. By the time I got up, grabbed my camera and came back for this photo, he'd moved into a more respectable position.

Finn has started showing a desire to bond with the girls, in addition to being my shadow. He spends more time closer to them, follows them more willingly out into the yard and initiates play with them. He's still figuring out that as soon as he jumps on the girls, they ignore him. Same for me. This is a no-jumping-up household.
Rebecca WallickComment