Water Stop

I took the girls to the ski hill for an early morning run several days ago. Summer is firmly in place here, and trails are getting dusty. The ski hill provides at least two streams that are still running, so it's always a good destination - although I can tell the girls are getting very bored with it. And it's not even hunting season yet (when we have even fewer options for safe running).

This is the major stream on the route, which we cross twice. We always stop here, at the foot bridge, whether going uphill or downhill. To me, it feels like a little oasis; the rest of the trail is dry and dusty. The girls may not be thirsty on the way up, but enjoy cooling their toes. On the way down, the tank up.

Maia, with a look of cool contentment after drinking from the nice cold stream. Wild water - best kind.

Meadow enjoying the same stream.

Given the early time of morning, the sun was just coming over the top of the mountain to our east, creating a beautiful lighting effect on the little waterfall leading to this foot bridge and the dense foliage lining the sides of the stream.

I never mind stopping to let the girls drink and wade in streams. How could I, when I'm afforded such a visual feast as I wait?