Widgeon's Sleepover

Our friend Widgeon - Springer/Lab mix - spent the weekend.

When she first arrived Friday afternoon, Finn was his usual pushy self with her. Widgeon retreated between my legs, or would sit and turn her head from him, wishing him away. She even went to Meadow for protection. I think Finn liked having a dog even more submissive than himself in the house, and took advantage of it without being outright mean to her. Widgeon pretty much hid from him all evening. I despaired that they would play at all.

Widgeon and the girls have always gotten along extremely well, so no worries there. And Widgeon remembered that my bed was a welcoming place. Lucky for her, I've still not let Finn on the bed, even though the girls are allowed. There needs to be at least one place they can get away from his unwanted attention! Widgeon quickly realized she could get some peace from Finn by staying on my bed.

Friday night, Widgeon slept right next to my head - and I mean right next to - all night. She's a cuddler. Finn slept on the floor right beside the bed.

By Saturday morning, Widgeon realized Finn wasn't going to hurt her. He's pushy, yes, but he's really a pretty nice and fun-loving guy. With me supervising - and giving Widgeon some courage - they started playing. Soon they were ripping up and down the full length of the yard, around the end of the house, having a blast until they both collapsed in exhaustion. Meadow would try to keep up for a couple of laps, then just sit and watch. Maia would try to supervise, so I made her stay in side, allowing the youngsters to have some fun.

By Saturday evening, all the dogs were a bit worn out, ready for a snooze. I tried to get Maia to join Meadow and Widgeon on the bed, but she didn't think it would be dignified. She decided to remain aloof from the camera.

Finn, reluctantly, stayed on the dog bed beside my bed.

"Can't I come up there? Please? I'll be good."

"Actually...., no," Meadow decided. This is what happens when you're an annoyingly pushy and clingy Aussie; the rest of the canine household needs a break from all that togetherness!

As I worked on the computer in my office, I felt someone, or something, watching me. Widgeon. Demonstrating her come-hither look. Other than snapping the photo, I ignored her, but it wasn't easy.

Finn, meanwhile, had followed me into my office. He's still my shadow. Like Meadow as a pup, Finn seems to not care what he uses as a pillow. Anything will do. He has made this corner, between a bookshelf and a desk, with my computer hutch at the end of the bookshelf, his own.

Back in the bedroom, Widgeon amped up her efforts to get me to join her. I capitulated, and we all went to bed. Widgeon again curled up against my shoulder (after I had to shove her off my pillow), and spent the night there. If she moved, I never noticed.

This was the first thing I saw when I awoke this morning - Widgeon's come-hither. This dog has so perfected looking over her shoulder, resting her chin on her hip, and giving you those half-lidded big brown eyes. She knows how to get the attention she craves.