Yellow finch

After my run with Maia, I was fixing a sandwich in the kitchen when a flurry of yellow out the window caught my eye.

A small bird - a yellow finch? - was struggling to find food at the near-empty hummingbird feeder. It had landed on the little railing around the bottom of the feeder, and was obviously looking for the seed dispenser! It tried to poke it's beak into the hummer-sized feeder holes, but apparently isn't fitted with the proper size.

After moving all the way around the feeder a couple of times - and while I dashed to find my camera - it flew away to the fence railing. I zoomed in from my spot at the kitchen sink and got this photo before it flew away for good.

I need to add bird seed and feeder to my shopping list.

I also need to refill the hummer feeder.