Angry young man

Friends loaned me a pen, for Finn. He was clearly stressed when left alone in the spare room; I'd come home to paint flecks on the floor, from his scratching at the base of the door, trying to get out. There were dirty paw prints on the door and adjoining wall, as well as the window sill.

He seemed fine with the pen; from the first time, he willingly went in, laid down, and accepted his toy and treat. I thought, "Great!"

Until last Friday. That morning, I wanted to take the girls for a run, and after Finn's behavior in the campsite days earlier, I wasn't yet ready to have three dogs, off leash, on a trail.

Finn knows running clothes and shoes. He LOVES to go anywhere in the car, but he especially loves to go for runs and walks. He literally bounces off the walls and anything else in his way (the girls and me included) when he gets excited about an outing.

Obviously, he was very upset at not being included this time. I think what got him so pissed what that I had started bringing him along on forest walks with the girls, experimenting with having all three off leash. I guess he thought he'd graduated and would never be going back to primary school.

I came home two hours later to find he had broken the thick, stiff, plastic tray that lines the pen into several pieces. He also BENT the metal pen itself, where the front joins the bottom. When I first saw the piece of metal laying on the floor in front of the pen (upper photo), I thought he'd broken the latch, but no, he was still securely held in the pen. Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't figured out how to move that latch and let himself out.

I didn't find any blood or broken teeth.

I'm considering buying calming pheremones. He's a hard-headed boy.