Rear View

Walking with the girls along the Weiser River Trail (earlier post), I put them on leash as we neared the car. They're on leash at the start of that walk as well. We're still too close to the highway, and I don't want to risk them suddenly chasing something.

As I leashed them up and walked behind them, it occurred to me that's the view I'm so often treated to: their butts. Cute butts, indeed, but...hard to describe. So I thought I'd try to get a photo. I'm surprised this turned out as clear as it did, as I'm walking and snapping the photo at the same time.

Same idea in this photo, but girls are off leash. Hard to tell, but Meadow is in front of Maia in this shot. View's a little better, but still full of Malamute butts.

Gives me some appreciation for what dog sledders look at hour after hour.

I'm lucky. The girls work well as a team, and never complain about being tethered together with the coupler. Maia complained the first few times, when Meadow was a pup, but she quickly learned she could drive this train by pulling Meadow in whatever direction she wanted her to go. To this day, Maia will resist any attempt by Meadow to pull to the other side of the road or path or wherever we might be. Maia knows to stay to the left, and insists Meadow do the same. Makes things easier for me, too.

I don't think I'll ask Maia to train Finn on a coupler. Too annoying for her, especially with his energy and excitement level.