Finn Meets Pixie

I've been wanting Finn to meet Pixie, fleet-footed trail dog of friends Jim and Jane. I've written about Pixie before - the rescued-from-a-musher Husky/Whippet mix so light on her feet, and fast. But also the poor pup who got caught in a trapper's snare last winter, nearly ending her running career. Luckily she recovered.

The girls like her. I knew Finn would like her, and she him. I wanted to see if Finn could keep up with her.

He couldn't. But he tried! As soon as I let him out of the car in the parking lot of the ski hill, he started chasing Pixie (at her request) in big circles around our vehicles, at top speed. She always kept just out of reach. It was fun to watch.

Next to Pixie, Finn looked so small. Next to the girls, Pixie looks small.

We humans planned to hike, not run. I wanted to get Jim and Jane to the top of Brundage. I took them up there last year, but the sky was so full of smoke they couldn't enjoy the view.

At the top of the mountain I pointed out the various lakes, and the town of McCall, off in the distance. Jane was amazed, and thrilled to finally get the view.

Throughout the trek, we were treated to aspens and other foliage changing color.

Jane got this photo of me and Finn. I had to hang onto him to try to keep him from moving. I'm surprised Jane was able to get one this good - not because of any ability lacking on Jane's part, but because Finn was struggling against me the entire time! At least his "rear view" isn't as explicit as the girls'!

All efforts to get a photo of Finn and Pixie together failed. Talk about kinetic energy!

Finn is small. Probably a mini Aussie. He now weighs 40 lbs - five pounds heavier than when he arrived in July - and I doubt he'll get much bigger. I'm so used to having big, tall dogs on the trail with me, dogs easy to spot even when they're a bit ahead or behind. Finn often disappears behind foliage, trees or rocks, as he almost does in this photo. I think he'd gone, yet he's right there.

We humans covered about nine miles on this day. The dogs? Who knows, but I'm guessing nearly twice that distance. Finn and Pixie had a blast chasing up and down the trail. Pixie is given the freedom to run wherever she likes, after whatever she likes, so I had a challenge on my hands, keeping Finn on trail. He followed Pixie off trail a couple of times, but I was very proud of how often he did listen to me, even with Pixie tempting him away.

Good boy.

When we got home, Finn crashed. I've never seen him so tired and mellow. He perked up later that evening and romped with Meadow in the yard a bit. I think he's got quite a future as a trail running dog ahead of him.