Late September on Goose Creek Falls Trail

This series of photos was taken September 29th. I wanted a quiet, peaceful hike with the girls where I could see some fall colors. Finn and I had run about ten miles the day before, so I needed an easy day on my legs. I chose the Goose Creek Falls Trail because the parking lot was empty, it's designated non-motorized, and it's steep.

Steep is a factor this time of year. Most hunters don't want to have to walk to find their kills, and they certainly don't want to have to haul their kill up a steep hill to their truck. Not only is this trail steep as in heads a mile and a half down toward the creek, but it crosses a steep slope the entire way. I felt safe.

I saw several of these dead trees pock-marked with holes from birds seeking bugs toward the top of the trail. You only see this on trees already dying. Natural recycling. In fact, I believe there's a rule preventing those felling trees (for fire wood) from doing so within 100 feet of one of these bird feeders.

Dogs on bridge. The bridge across the creek was our turn-around point on this outing.

Meadow needs a haircut.