Searching for Aspen

On Sunday the 28th I took Finn up to the ski hill for a romp. He's turning into quite the trail dog, learning to "stay on trail" and to "wait." He's also learning "heel" which in our own world means that he walks a few feet in front of me, not beside me, but also not 20-30 feet in front. And "back" which means he has to stay behind me on the trail.

Finn's favorite command on these outings: "Finn - let's run!" That means he has the freedom to go his own pace on the trail, although I'm often asking him to "Wait!" when I'm concerned he's getting too far ahead.

He already recognizes my running clothes. He can hardly contain his excitement as I dress. He can also hardly contain his irritation on those days I take the girls for a run, leaving him home!

As we jogged/hiked up the steeper north side (Hidden Valley) trail, we reached the spot I love any season, but was particular gorgeous this day. The sun was breaking through the overcast ,and illuminating the turning aspen as we popped out of a darkly treed section.

Looking back at those same trees.

Finn does not make a good model. He rarely holds still. Most photos I take of him on the trail show him as a small brown blur. Even if he plants his butt on the ground, his head is constantly moving.

Finn requires much less water than the girls. But he does eventually get thirsty. We'd gone close to seven miles between natural water sources, so he took advantage of this one. We did about ten miles total. Finn hardly slowed down the entire time.

I'm creating a monster. I'll never be able to wear him out.