Three Dog Day on Brundage

On October 9th I took all three dogs for a run on the ski hill. It was cool and dry, perfect for Malamutes. I had taken Finn to the top and back the day before, a nine mile route which hardly tired him. When I started dressing for a run on this day, intending to leave him home and just take the girls, Finn's excitement was so huge that I couldn't bear leaving him behind.

The challenge: could I get photos with all three dogs together? Finn moves so much, and fast, and Maia's always reluctant to pose. I was amazed when I succeeded.

I knew from the run with Finn the day before that there was an unopened bottle of water discarded by someone near the top of the mountain. I hid it in some rocks to make sure it would available for the girls on this run. The only wild water available is low on the mountain. I carried a collapsible water bowl in my fanny pack. All the dogs enjoyed that drink at the top. It's the one instance I actually appreciated litter.

I managed to get all three in the frame yet again, about 3/4 of the way through our run. I find that I often have a hard time seeing Finn - his coloring and size make him blend into the trail background so easily.

Tired dogs. Finn has started copying Meadow's routine of resting in the shade of the car at the end of a run. Maia always jumps right into the car where the water bowl is waiting.

Finn did great, another nine mile day. The girls did great, too. I worry that each outing of this length and difficulty (we gain about 1600 ft in elevation to get to the top) might be their last, that their various aches and pains will dampen their enthusiasm. No problems on this day, though. It was delightful for us all.