Another Granite Summit

November 2nd; quite a contrast from when Finn and I summited Granite on October 18th!

This time, friends Jim and Jane and their dog Pixie joined me and Finn. Had I known we were going to hike up into sideways snow (the wind was blowing pretty hard), with some accumulation at the top, I would have brought the girls.

Even after we reached the top - after Finn and Pixie had already chased each other all over, probably twice the four miles we humans had covered - they couldn't stop playing! That's the forest service lookout in the background.

Jane agreed with me that Pixie would be mistaken for a wolf during hunting season (Pixie is whippet/husky mix), so she made her a bright orange collar. Pretty effective.

After carrying my camera all the way up, and despite the fog and wind and snow pelting us, I had to have a portrait of Jim, Jane & Pixie. They'll send it on to their families back East, who already consider them nuts. This will confirm it.