Canine Carpets

With three dogs in the house, two of them quite large and fluffy, it often seems like they form a carpet on the floor or ground. Carpets one can't walk on. But gorgeous carpets nonetheless. All of these photos were taken over two consecutive days - October 21-22.

Note that Finn is on my yoga pad. As soon as I bring it out, he's eagerly waiting until it's on the floor, as if I put it there just for him. He quickly realized that I can't help but touch him if he's smack in the middle of it when I want to stretch or do some yoga. His reward, if he manages to stay off the pad, is to cuddle with me when I'm done and bring the pillow down and make it into a bed. Finn is in doggie heaven when he gets to cuddle. If you're wondering what the blue is, on the front of the couch: I've taken pieces of Goretex fabric and tucked them into the cushions to cover the lower front of the couch, where the dogs like to snooze; keeps my impossible-to-keep-clean white couch a little less dirty.

Note here that Meadow is guarding the toy. From Finn. He's awaiting his next best opportunity to steal it back. It's an endless game between the two of them.

Next day. Meadow and Maia imitating bookends.

Finn figures a way to get into the picture.

Meadow. Long dog.