Finn summits Granite

October 18: I was looking for a trail that would feel safe to me during hunting season. Granite Mountain, an eight mile up/back to the forest service lookout, fit the bill. The trail is steep and challenging - not the sort of area a hunter would want to deal with hauling out a dead deer or elk.

Given the distance, steepness, and lack of water this time of year on this trail, I decided the girls should stay home. They've been up here several times, when there's still plenty of snow at the top for eating. This was Finn's first summit. He and I had the trail to ourselves.

Finn enjoying the view from the top of Granite. Or being camera shy. Not sure which.

Near the top, the trail crosses back and forth as it climbs through an open field of granite. There are cairns to mark the way. This one gave me a Zen feeling.