Goodbye Idaho

Just after Thanksgiving weekend, I was offered a situation I couldn't refuse: house sit a home in Bellevue, WA. I had ten days to pack and get ready.

I've been wanting to return to western WA for some time now. Idaho - despite the physical beauty of the terrain, the wonderful climate - has never felt friendly or welcoming to me. Sure, there are a few exceptions, and to those people I owe a debt of gratitude for reaching out to me. But in generally, I won't miss the people or "culture" of Idaho.

As I contemplated packing up - and as the dog wondered what the hell was going on as I sifted, sorted, and boxed stuff up in record speed - a bit of snow fell. These photos capture the dogs' delight in playing with each other in the snow.

I'm going to miss the snow of Idaho. So will the dogs.