Playing with Shadows

Thursday evening (December 4th) I took the girls for a walk in the forest. Hunting season for deer and elk ended November 30th, so the forest feels safe again. Amazingly, there's no snow on the ground below about 6000. The ground is now mostly brown, with the green pine needles providing some relief.

As we strolled near sunset, I was struck by the long shadows we cast across the road and against the bank. The photo above is Maia.

And Meadow.

All the normal foliage has died away, wildflowers long gone. Only dead pine needles attempt to cover the dirt, providing an interesting mosaic effect.

Meadow demonstrating her technique.

Maia wondering when I'll quit taking so many silly photos and just keep walking.

Maia waiting for a treat.

Meadow figuring it might be worth getting in on the gig. I liked this one so much I printed off a copy to frame.

Back to the car just as the sun sets.