Snow in a new location

Some scenes from our new location. Most importantly, for the dogs: the back yard. Nearly an acre, fenced. Like our own private forest. Very cool

We managed to drive to Bellevue between snow storms. Immediately after unloading the U-Haul, it started snowing. And kept snowing. What's known to we western Washingtonians as Cascade Crud: wet, heavy snow. Still, the dogs felt right at home, and delighted in exploring their new territory. This is actually a shot of the back of the house, within the large fenced area.

All three dogs wasted no time in romping in their usual fashion.

I hadn't unpacked any outdoor toys yet. Meadow found an empty plastic planting pot and turned it into a toy. Depending on where she put her mouth, sometimes she could see, sometimes she couldn't!

Lots of room to get up to full speed in the game of chase!

We're all adjusting to our new temporary home. While we no longer get to roam a forest off leash, my beloved Tiger and Cougar mountains, with gobs of trails, are nearby. Finn has already enjoyed two trail runs, one including two Aussies (he was in Aussie heaven). As for the girls, they seem happy to be able to explore new streets and neighborhoods on leash for now. Although, given the amount of snow that has fallen and the resulting slush on all the streets, we've not been able to do too much exploring yet. We're all going a little stir crazy, holed up in the house much of each day. Including today - Christmas.

But it's all good. We all adapt to change well, and our adventurous spirits will allow us to savor each new experience. Here's looking forward to 2009!