Dog Parking in the Rain

The girls and I managed to sneak in a lovely three mile walk this morning between rain showers. The entire state of Washington seems to be flooded today. The amount of snow and water falling from the sky in recent days is historic. I feel fortunate, dry in our house.

Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to take Finn to the Marymoor off leash dog park for another play and socialization session (we went there two days ago and he had a blast, especially enjoying chasing dogs who are chasing balls), it was raining.

No matter. I'm a born and raised Washingtonian, I can handle this. And Finn doesn't care.

Raindrops on the camera lens. Finn was trying to entice this man's two big dogs to play. No go. Note the Sammamish Slough on the right; normally several big steps leading to the water would be exposed, but today, the level is as high as I've seen it.

This part of the park is normally a big grassy field. Today is was a pond. That's Finn, in mid-stride with ears flying. He spied a dog running after a ball and he was off!

Other dog park die hards playing with their dogs. It was miserable, cold, wet, but the dogs didn't seem to notice. Finn's out there making new friends.

That's Finn, right in front of the man who is pitching tennis balls for the curly-tailed husky-mix behind him. It's pouring down rain. We're all soaked. And cold. Somehow, it doesn't matter, as long as the dogs are having fun.

Finn was testing his water dog skills, leading the charge. I still haven't seen him full-out swim, but he was very willing to go dashing through shallow water today.

As I drove home, my car full of wet dog smell, it dawned on me that I'd better get used to it. The girls rarely get so wet, preferring to avoid walks or runs on rainy days, and only wading into streams or lakes. Malamutes just don't smell bad. Finn is another matter, especially after a day like today.