End of 2008 Catch-up

On December 21st the dogs felt like doing a little snow wrestling. They chose the deck that is surrounded on three sides by the house. Not much space, but the snow was new and deep. Finn and Meadow get started, and Maia's already in referee mode.

Maia's keeping an eye on things, acting nonchalant.

Now we're trash talking! Wahoo, let's wrestle!

Finn senses he needs a better game plan; he cries "Uncle!" buying time to strategize.

Drink break. Wrestling is hard work.

Finn's ready to rock 'n' roll again. If he had more than a nub of a tail, you'd see it wagging. Meadow shakes in anticipation.

Finn dives in for Meadow's collar, which isn't easy to find under all the woolly malamute fur! Maia, hidden behind Meadow, is still standing ready to referee. She can be a real cold blanket at times!

Shortly after these photos were taken, the temperatures went up a bit, it rained some, and the snow started quickly turning to slush. Not so much fun. These dogs, used to nice dry Idaho snow, are undergoing a paradigm shift; western Washington snow is not-so-lovingly referred to as "concrete" or "crud" for good reason.