Meadow messes with Finn

Our Bellevue house has a stairwell coming up from the garage/basement. Finn had never seen stairs, at least not an entire stairwell. The first time I went downstairs, he whimpered from the top, afraid to follow. His separation anxiety was a bonus in this instance, as his fear of being left behind quickly trumped his fear of the stairs!

Finn now flies up and down these stairs in excitement when we're getting read to go out.

In this instance, Meadow was messing with Finn's head. She knew he would be nervous about stepping on her. The only reason I even knew this was occurring is because I heard a brief whine from Finn. Meadow was relishing her power, giving me time to find my camera.

Eventually Finn scampered over Meadow's paws. She let him. It was all about toying with him; she wasn't serious about trapping him in the stairwell.