Flood waters recede

On January 18th I took Finn back to Marymoor off leash park. It was noticeably drier than our visit a couple of weeks earlier (see January 8 entry), although portions of the park were flagged off because it was still too wet and marshy.

And the sun was shining. What a difference! More people, more dogs, and elevated mood in all!

Marymoor is unique in the vast number of people and dogs it can accommodate. The off leash area is so large that it's rare to see any disputes between dogs, unlike most of the small parks.

Note the number of steps above water level in the photo above, and contrast that with the photo taken at this same spot in the January 8 entry (second photo). And the slough is still quite high, even on this day!

Dog sniffing train, Finn in the lead.

Later in the day I took the girls for a walk. If we leave from the house and head toward downtown Bellevue, we can do a 3.3 mile loop with nice sidewalks and, on weekends, little traffic. Here, on Main street, the girls pose before the skyline. I grew up in Bellevue. There was one stoplight back in the late 1950s, and no buildings over two stories. Things have changed!