Frosty Fun

Winter in Idaho meant running on packed snow. Winter in Bellevue means running on frozen dirt trails. Well, most of the time. Finn's good with both.

On January 16th, we started out with sunshine, a rare thing on a January morning. Finn couldn't believe I wanted him to stand still for a photo. "We came here to RUN!"

We arrived at a stream with a log, cut in half length-wise, made into a bridge. The frost makes it very slick; a few years ago, someone added a railing for which I am grateful.

I worked hard to get Finn to pose on the bridge. This shot was accomplished after he jumped onto, then off of, the bridge numerous times. Finally he sat still, but refused to look at the camera.

"How about this pose?" he seems to say. If he could thumb (paw?) his nose at me, he would.

"Fine. You didn't like that pose, how about this one?"

I gave up. We continued our run.

I love the look for this forest in winter. Cougar Mountain has more deciduous trees than Tiger. After the leaves have fallen, the moss and ferns provide a green relief to the brown landscape.

The fog was nearly burned off, the sun peeking through...I hadn't intended to take any more photos but this I couldn't resist. And Finn actually stayed and posed! That's my boy!