new found toy

A small ball appeared in our yard one day. The girls and I were returning from a walk, and Maia got her mouth on the ball before I hardly knew what happened.

I know from past experience that Maia loves basketballs, and this ball was a miniature version of one. A regulation size basketball is a challenge for Maia, but usually within 5-10 minutes she punctures it. This smaller ball took less than a minute!

Once punctured, it's easy to carry in the mouth, making it the perfect backyard toy!

In the first photo, taken just before dark, Meadow is jealously eyeing the new toy. Maia is enjoying teasing Meadow with it, chomping loudly and dramatically, dancing with it.

A bit later, Maia is still teasing the other dogs with her prize. Finn comes in close to investigate, but is wise enough to not try to steal it. Meadow pretends to no longer care, but I know better. She's simply waiting for her opportunity.

Finn is much more direct, which is of course what Maia wants; she knows she's having the desired effect on him. Patience is Meadow's long suit.

Finally! Maia grew bored, Finn followed me inside (he still suffers from separation anxiety and follows me everywhere). Meadow got the ball. Perseverance pays off.